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Review – The Food Forest, Peterborough Ontario

I have been asked many times how do I eat when we are out.  As a family we do not generally sit around.  Always jumping at an opportunity to get out and go!  So this is a fair question.  Celiac disease has definitely limited the places I can eat so I always keep food on the ready.  For day trips I make sure to have a couple different fruits, a container of chopped vegies and my go to is the Breton Gluten Free Black Pepper and White Bean crackers.  This is enough to keep me fueled for an entire day if we don’t find something safe to eat. Continue reading “Review – The Food Forest, Peterborough Ontario”

Red, White and Green The Delightful Radish | Radish Pesto Recipe!

Why you should eat your radishes and some delish recipes that you may not of thought of!

I was a weird kid.  Yeah I have no problem saying that.  While others were asking for candy, ice cream and cakes; I was searching for rhubarb (raw), radishes, kohlrabi and other stinky or sharp vegies.  I loved (love) raw vegetables, almost all of them.  It’s quite funny really because I was an extremely picky eater as a child.

While radishes may not be an “odd” item to find in the markets, your CSA or a salad it is often overlooked when it comes to everyday dishes.  So today lets delve into the why and yum factor of this curious, spicy little vegetable. Continue reading “Red, White and Green The Delightful Radish | Radish Pesto Recipe!”

Asian Spicy Greens and Gluten Free Grilled Cheese with a Twist!

At the end of the last blog I said “up next what to do with those weird ingredients you find in your CSA”.  Well I thought instead of one post I would spread it out over a few; seeing as the shares change almost weekly.  Now if you have no idea what I’m talking about… the CSA is short for Community Shared Agriculture.  This is where a local farm will charge one price for the season and every week you get a “share” of the crops.  The better the farm does the more you get and vice versa, when there is drought and produce is scarce the shares are smaller.  This is a great way to support your community.  Check local listings or your local market to find a farm near you.  Continue reading “Asian Spicy Greens and Gluten Free Grilled Cheese with a Twist!”

Review of Corona Del Mar Paleo Tea by Newport Skinny Tea

As I have said in the past I LOVE tea!  Can’t get enough; hot, iced, room temperature…that lonely cup lost and forgotten I will find it and allow it to reach its full potential🙂 Continue reading “Review of Corona Del Mar Paleo Tea by Newport Skinny Tea”


Late winter, early spring every source of media start pumping out news about the latest spring cleanse and fad detox plan.  Yes by all means once a year do a full on detox but NOT for the reason we see it plastered all over magazine covers (a flat belly).  No; instead do it for you!  For all the reasons the body needs a good clean out. Continue reading “Detoxify”

British Style, Indian Vegetable Curry | Gluten Free

Recently my husband and I took a flight to Prince Edward Island  (Canada).   While there I did something I never do, ate at the same place 3 times! Usually we seek out ethnically diverse, unusual and inspired or inspiring food.  However April in PEI, means not so much choice!  Continue reading “British Style, Indian Vegetable Curry | Gluten Free”

Yoga and Diabetes

I was asked to give a lecture on Yoga and Diabetes so I thought I would share a condensed version here!

Approximately 25 million people in the United States are living with diabetes; researchers across the country and abroad are searching for feasible methods of control.  In 2011 3.4 million people died due to complications caused by high blood sugar levels. It’s time to take control!  Continue reading “Yoga and Diabetes”

Apple Muffin Recipe with Applewood Smoked Salt and Cinnamon Topping

This, now gluten free, recipe has been many things over the years.  It started as a simple no egg, apple sauce muffin when my first son was a toddler and allergic to eggs.  Every fall we would go apple picking, make our own apple sauce; with skins on of course, thus the sauce had a high pectin content making it perfect for use in these muffins without egg.

Continue reading “Apple Muffin Recipe with Applewood Smoked Salt and Cinnamon Topping”

Aging Gracefully

Body, Mind and Spirit

Maybe I’m just getting sentimental in my old age (39) but the last few days have seen me reflecting.  Not quite sure what brought it on but here I am.  Yes; I admit I am usually quite emotional but today more so.  This morning I teared up listening to the Kinky Boots  (song: Raise You Up) soundtrack!  Haha, even I have to laugh at myself for that one!   Continue reading “Aging Gracefully”

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